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Whois Privacy Protection Service for your Domains!




We offer basic and premium whois privacy protection services to domain name registrants to protect their personal information from being displayed in the public Whois database.


ICANN Rules and Regulations require data from domain Holders to be visible and authentic recorded in the whois database. But many spammers scan this database and use it to feed their mailing lists. Protecting Whois information keeps your personal information off of these lists, so that registering a domain doesn't become an open invitation to receive spam. got the solution An Identity Protection Service to conceal the Holder data and any contact data associated to a given domain through our Virtual Office.

starting at 4,90 EUR


Purchase this service to protect your privacy online and use as a countermeasure to fight spam and unsolicited advertisements. All our Whois Protection Plans fully comply with ICANN Rules & Regulations since they allow an open means of communication both with the domain Holder and the Administrative or Technical Contacts through real and trustworthy data. The protection email address on the Whois forwards automatically to the domain contact's valid email address or the virtual Post Box in Premium Version after manual screening by our Virtual Office.


Whois Privacy Basic


Whois Privacy Premium

The Basic All-Round-Protection provides a secure solution to hide personal information in the Whois-Database and includes the automated content filtering against spam and forwarding of official request to your email address.


The Premium Protection provides absolute security for your Whois-Data and includes screening and content filtering of incoming requests by Email, Fax and Postal through the Virtual Office. All official inquiries are recorded in the Virtual Post Box and you can access all communications at any time.







1 year



1 year

 Grade: Basic Protection*    Grade: Full Protection*

 Content Filtering:

Spam Recognition


 Content Filtering:

Virtual Office Screening*

 Communication via:

Email    Communication via: Virtual Post Box*
 Forwarding of: Email  

 Forwarding of:

Email, Postal, Fax

 Protection of: Spam, Data Mining, Fraud, Theft    Protection of: Spam, Data Mining, Fraud, Theft






4.90 EUR


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8.90 EUR


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Prices will be converted into USD



The original email address in the Whois Data will be replaced by an individual generated email address and forwards all communications automatically and filtered to the domain owner. Within the Premium Version all communications are screened by our virtual office and recorded to your Virtual Post Box. New recorded communications are notified instantly to your email address.


The perfect solution to remain secure and avoid trouble from personal data exposure over the Internet. Protect your personal information with Domain Privacy! Order today and get the Premium Plan including professional Service Extras:


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*Through the use of the privacy protection service no disadvantages occur for the domain holder in case of use or rights!


This service is in compliance with all ICANN policies regarding the proper storage and display of information in the Whois database. ICANN requires every registrar or organization that offers domain name registration services to have official contact information recorded for each domain registered. Therefore we store the contact information in an internal database for each Whois record. The full protection offers complete privacy for the domain holder and his contact information. Incoming emails, faxes and letters are received and filtered by the virtual office, before we record the official inquiries in your Post Box. You will be notified when new communications arrived. The basic protection includes blur of your email and address with automated content filtering and forwarding service to your official email address. Fax and mail requests will not be processed. Please note: You must enter accurate contact information when registering your domain. Entering inaccurate information can result in your domain being locked and taken away from you by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the governing body for domains.


The customer confirms to have understood that we accept no responsibility for the domain, the content and activities, and meet only the registration requirements with the help of this service in order to provide customers worldwide with protection for their personal data. In this contex we are not partner, operator or person in charge of any domain relevancy. We do generally not sign responsible for the availability or the response behavior of a domain owner on requests also give no statements or answering communications about the concerned domain. This service includes the transfer of communications and inquiries to the domain owner. Therefore we setup individual communication data in the whois of the domain which we can assign accordingly to the domain owner. A translation service is not included in the scope of this service! The service is applicable only for domains registered with us.





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