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1400 New Generic Top-Level Domains!



The new domain era has been introduced. As part of ICANN's New gTLD program, around 1400 new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) will be available for registration to the online namespace.

This exciting change will vastly expand the online namespace, adding to current gTLDs like .com and .net, and current Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) like .de and .us. New TLDs such as .web, .berlin, .app and many more are set to innovate interaction and marketing online.
Worldwide, we have a proven track record in new domain launches, consistently securing the best domains for our customers while constantly refining and innovating our launch technologies. The advent of new gTLDs is a great opportunity to be part of the new internet era.


Need service for common domain names? Choose an expert with proven experience and efficient prices. Register new or Transfer your existing ccTLDS and gTLD such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .eu, .de, .us, .cc, .be, .to


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Be one of the first, get the best names and register in real-time...


Remember when the domain name sold for $7 million dollars? For the first time since the dawn of the Internet, people everywhere have an opportunity to claim ownership of a whole new range of top level domain web addresses.


How much will yours be worth?


► Register one today and find out!


Click on the Image or the link to view all available gTLDs and prices!


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Find your new generic domain extension and request for an availability check. Most of the new extensions are available for direct registration without obligations or requirements.


Domains like .App, .Venture, .Berlin, .London and many more are available for direct registration. Order today and get strategically domains registered with us.

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Are you interested in the new gTLDs or need to discuss more details with domain experts? Do not hesitate to contact us and don't loose your chance to register new strategically domain names.

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*We do not guarantee that the registration of new top level domains will be successful nor give any confirmation on final availability! Charges only apply for first year of registration. Some domains may have additional pricing! TBA = to be announced


We register new gTLDs for customers world wide in real-time. For the registration of such a domain the customer must apply for the desired name and the respective extension via electronic form on this page. After we have received the application we do an availability check and provide you with the details. If the domain is still available for registration and no further obligations required we will communicate the invoice for the entire registration period in advance. The domain will be registered after payment instantly. For any question do not hesitate to contact our service center before your order.





All prices quoted are final prices and include EU VAT depending on customer location within the EU. For customers based in Germany we do not charge the German sales tax, and consequently do not account it according to the 19 UStG (German small-business regulation). The products and services described on this website do not represent a legally binding offer until full acceptance by us. For digital goods delivery follow through the Internet. Web Hosting, Domains and Web Design are subject to the respective conditions additional to the Terms of Service.


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